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Hey my name is Kevin Tran and this is my ask blog. Whenever I'm not busy working on the tablet, I'll come around here.

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(Your average cosplay rp blog~)
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//Guess who has a new laptop and is back! This muuuun~ I also have a new desktop. So I might take a moment to get back on the blog. Because…games…

//Guess who has a new laptop and is back! This muuuun~ I also have a new desktop. So I might take a moment to get back on the blog. Because…games…

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//I got challenged, so I figured I’d do it here, where I’ve got the most followers so I could spread the love~

Nominating the Angel Family (askphosphorus, healingabsolution, and ask-wings-and-winchester), Britt (rockandroam), and all of you guys watching this.

If you guys would like more info about the foundation or want to donate, please visit the ALSA homepage.

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Blog Update….sort of

//Hey everyone! I see I got new folowers and welcome! My webcam is still out of comission but I’ll fix it soon! in the meantime, I’ve been nominated twice to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, one in cosplay and one out of it. I won’t be doing Kevin since the clothes do not belong to me but I’ll be attempting Scott McCall from Teen Wolf. Anyways, look forward to it! I’ll also be donating to the cause!

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Kevin in the Cathedral
askprophetkevin as Kevin Tran, at VegasCon 2014.Photo by heronfem


Kevin in the Cathedral

askprophetkevin as Kevin Tran, at VegasCon 2014.
Photo by heronfem

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//Okay guys. So I have a teeny problem. My computer’s not really letting me make gifs because webcam’s being a dick. I’ll answer things ASAP though after I fix this problem ;w;.

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//What was I up to this weekend? This was a good chunk of my day on Saturday and it was fun~

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// Going to be going to Anime Expo next week! If any of my followers are going and you see me, come and say hi! This seems to be my final lineup.

Day 1: I’m not sure between the human!impala and Kevin. Though, for the gathering I might be Kevin and be the impala half the day before that. Kuroneko would be for after the gathering since it’ll definitely be the most comfortable and cool cosplay to be in.

Day 2: Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki Yazawa Nico. I’m helping out at a booth in the dealers hall! This will probably be the easiest to find me! Going to be at the Crunchyroll booth at around 11 am and the Daisuke booth at 1.

Day 3: No Brand Girls Yazawa Nico. With the same group for this! It still needs to be fixed up and the wig fixed but either way it’ll be done!

Day 4: Don’t really have any other cosplay to go here so I might just rewear Kuroneko!

Hope to see some of you guys there oAo

Ps. After AX, I’ll be answering things on my blog again >< Two weeks from now I’ll be off hiatus!

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//Here’s some photos from A-Kon that happened like, about two weeks ago! It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some amazing tumblr friends. Got to meet Sammeh, Cat, Die, Aggie, and Sammy (of which I realize I don’t know his tumblr). It was a lot of fun, had some ups and downs but mostly ups. I love them all! We had a photoshoot on the first day (Last two pics), the rest of the group was having trouble getting to the con. We wound up stealing a Haru and Rin at the pool owo. I got to meet so many amazing people, and overall, the con was seriously worth it~ Miss you all~!

Free! photo credits: Anais

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facts, because i’m fucking interesting

name: Eunice owo (Hi that’s my real name :D)
favorite saved url: I don’t have any haha.

the next movie you’re planning to watch: Madoka Rebellion movie owo
the last movie you watched: Cabin in the Woods. I like the part when all the monsters escape *w*
the book you’re currently reading: The Maze Runner
favorite male fictional character: Kevin Traaaaan~
favorite female fictional character: Uhhh I like Ruby owo
the number of songs on your iPod: I don’t have one OTL
that one song that’s been stuck in your head all week: Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons 
the fictional character you identify with most: Mmm is it weird if I saw Fujioka Haruhi? ‘Cuz half the time I feel the way she is with people.

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How's 2014 treating ya?

from Anonymous



You wanna know how it’s been? I got one word for you.


It’s everywhere. We didn’t think it would end up as bad as it is, but it’s bad. I can only hope you’re keeping safe and alive wherever it is you are.

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